Parents Evening Feedback

Dear parents,


As promised, I am writing to tell you more after our successful parents evening last week. 67% of all parents came to school on the Wednesday and a further 10% have had an appointment at a different time. This is just brilliant as it tells us how much you are involved in your child’s education.

You want more information so we have arranged a 2nd parents evening. This will be on Wednesday 25th April 2012. Please put this in your diary now as I know you will be just as keen to come to this one.

Another plea-we have so much to be proud of at our school and you have worked so hard with your children to help us to keep on improving and to improve at a very fast rate. Why not help spread the word about how good our school is? Sometimes people get into the habit of saying negative things without remembering what’s good and what’s special.

Take a look at the summary below to see what’s so good and so special!

We’ve taken action about any concerns you have about homework. Every teacher should have written to you to tell you how much homework is sent and what it is. Older children should be encouraged to bring it home and do it. Let us know if we can help with anything please. If you still have concerns, please speak to the teacher again.

We’ve also decided to totally refresh our Anti Bullying Policy and to find as many ways as possible to teach children not to bully. We’ll let you know how you can be involved in this work in the coming weeks.

Thanks a million for your support-it means a lot to us!

Yours sincerely
Mrs C Hindmarch

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Don’t know
My child is happy at school 41 33 1 0 3
My child feels safe 42 33 1 0 1
My child is making good progress 41 32 0 0 2
My child is well looked after 40 36 1 0 1
My child is taught well 40 36 0 0 1
My child gets appropriate homework for their age 27 34 10 4 1
The school makes sure that children are well behaved 38 34 4 0 3
The school deals effectively with bullying 31 31 9 0 6
The school is well led and managed 36 35 2 0 2
The school responds well to any concerns I raise 40 37 1 0 0
I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress 31 38 1 0 0
Would you recommend our school to another parent? ALL parents said yes

What is special about our school?

  • Teachers are willing to work with parents to support children’s needs
  • Lots of good activities
  • Everyone is close in the school and works well with the community
  • It tries very hard to make every child feel special ((((I love this one!)))
  • My children say it’s fun
  • The way the school encourages children to understand how important it is to learn
  • All the staff are friendly
  • The way they support mother and child when needed
  • Staffing and safety
  • They keep you informed
  • All staff treat children with great respect
  • They involve parents as much as possible
  • I feel the teachers are supportive and deal with any problems or concerns fast and efficiently
  • My children enjoy coming
  • The attention my daughter receives esp the praise in her work and behaviour
  • You always feel welcome
  • Excellent staff
  • It has RP (((from a non RP parent)))
  • The way my kids learn
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • All my children went to this school and I have no complaints and my 19 year old son is now in his 2nd year at college
  • Way it has disabled and able bodied children (((((non RP parent)))
What would you like to change or improve?
Not many comments at all here! There were a handful of responses but no themes-each was from a different parent;
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